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Lights High in Trees with Ease!


Main Hook

Pole Guide Side View


Pole Guide with Universal Thread


Pole Guide backside

Endless Possibilities of the ezLightLift

Why ezLightLift?

The ezLightLift makes all season tree or gutter light decorations a snap to put up and take down. Christmas, Halloween, St.Patrick's Day, July 4th, and even just decorative exterior lights...

Image by Anaya Katlego


Ladders are the primary method used to hang decorations. However, falls from ladders can result in serious injury, hospitalization and even death. Over 500,000 ladder injuries are reported every year and over 300 deaths. EzLightLift eliminates the need for dangerous ladders while allowing people to safely hang lights high in trees or gutters.

Online Shopping


Hiring a professional to hang your lights can cost between $250.00- $650.00 on average and in some cases thousands of dollars.  EzLightLift can save you money by allowing you to hang your own lights safely from the ground. 

Image by Saffu


The average American spends between 4-8 hours hanging up Christmas Lights. With the ezLightLift, that time is cut to a fraction by removing the need for ladders and hanging you decorations from the ground. 

ezLightLift Solar Power

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